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Kate Flynn

Kate Flynn


Kate spent 15 years as a database designer and programmer in the corporate world. After living in New York City for those years, she moved upstate to the Hudson Valley. Kate grew up outside Philadelphia and has recently returned to Philly and is again enjoying the city.

Kate works with HTML, CSS, & WordPress. She creates and customizes responsive (device-friendly) sites and programs Fab’s HTML emails.

Kate brings a level of code wrangling expertise that will make your project unique and successful.

Hometown: Philadelphia Suburbs
Passions: All Creatures Great and Small, Reading & Laughing
Secret Skill: Very Good at Hiding
Maja Berwald Russell

Maja Berwald Russell

Graphic Designer

Maja was born and raised in Denmark where she studied graphic design, TV and film.

Maja takes care of our original website and email marketing designs, graphic design, and flash & banner animations for our clients. Maja also designs custom HTML emails.

She also designs and runs Fab’s online marketing campaigns (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, etc.)

Maja will bring her sharp eye for design and classic Danish aesthetic to make your project shine.

Hometown: Aarhus Denmark
Passions: Drawing, Singing & Running
Secret Skill: Good Listener
James Goodman

James Goodman

Project Leader

Jim is FAB’s project manager as well as social media specialist and search rankings consultant. He spends a lot of time blogging, building external SEO links, working with instagram, facebook, twitter, etc.

Jim’s here to make your project easy for you as well as help you with any of these interfaces or updates. He will make you feel confident and relaxed all while increasing your website rankings.

In Jim’s spare time (what?!) he is an accomplished musician. He has also recorded tons of bands and currently provides Fab Web Work’s podcast recording services.

Hometown: New York City Suburbs
Passions: Music, Cooking & Travel
Secret Skill: Gets Lost in Thought